RS Venture מפרשית

RS Venture מפרשית

יציבה ומתקדמת - RS Venture

1-8 :אנשי צוות
100-200 :(משקל אנשי צוות (ק"ג
29 :(גודל מפרש (מ"ר
200 :(רוחב (ס"מ
4.9 :(אורך הסירה (מטרים
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    The new benchmark in family, exploration and training dinghies, the RS Venture can carry up to eight sailors in its huge, self-draining cockpit. Sparkling performance makes it great fun and multiple equipment options allow to boat to be configured for you. Winner of multiple awards, the RS Venture has a choice of standard or ballasted centerboards – there’s even a lifting keel version too (see RS Venture Connect). Exceptional stability makes the RS Venture ideal on estuaries and coastal waters – with stowage for all the equipment you’ll need, including an outboard motor. Imagine the adventures in store!
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